Types Of Commercial Painting Services

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Painting contractors take on various jobs that require expertise and specialized equipment. One type of project they take on is commercial painting, which refers to large-scale paint jobs in commercial establishments, including shops, restaurants, buildings, and other infrastructures.  

Commercial painting services involve other tasks aside from putting on a fresh coat of paint on an area's interior or exterior surfaces. For instance, brick surfaces may call for power washing, priming, and other surface preparations before painting. Meanwhile, some spaces may need minor repairs so that the final painted look will be neat and polished.

Professional painting contractors perform the primary tasks required to smoothen surfaces before they're painted or colored. These tasks are mainly included in their scope of work, and licensed painters have the skills to perform them expertly.  

Most states in the United States require contractors to have licenses to ensure their quality of work. For instance, California requires contractors to have a registration and state licensure before taking on any job that pays over USD$500.  

Depending on the requirements and preferences of property owners, painters can also provide other ways to improve the aesthetic quality of walls and other parts of an infrastructure in addition to the traditional painting job.

If you'd like to know more about the different commercial painting services, continue reading this article.  

Exterior painting

One of the most common types of commercial painting service is exterior painting, where contractors apply a new coat of paint to the external parts of a structure. Commonly, exterior painting includes the walls, roof, gate or fence, outbuildings, such as garages or storage spaces, trims, moldings, or columns.  

Depending on the client's preference, painters may be requested to apply color to the exterior space in various ways, such as through exterior paint, whitewashing, lime washing, brick staining, or by using a German smear.


Commercial contractors generally have the skills and experience to apply a wide variety of coloring and protective materials to surfaces. Hence, clients can rely on them if they need other types of painting services besides traditional painting.  

Additionally, hiring professional painters help ensure that the paint will be applied correctly. With proper application, exterior paint is expected to last up to 15 years, so acquiring the right services would be a wise investment for property owners.  

Interior painting

Commercial painters also apply interior painting to shops, restaurants, and other establishments. Some may be newly built while others are being remodeled and need a new coat of paint. The distinct difference between new structures and renovated units is the prep work required for painters.

Newly built establishments usually have better paint-ready surfaces since there'll be little to no damage that requires repair. Furthermore, the surfaces will be clean and smooth, making them ideal for painting.  

On the other hand, remodeled units may require cleaning, scraping, caulking, and other repair tasks. Some may have furniture and other items that need to be covered and protected from paint splashes or spills. Overall, contractors can expect to do more prep tasks in remodels than in new buildings.  

Decorative painting

Commercial painting contractors accept decorative or logo painting using stencils and other tools. This project requires professional skills, mainly because of the high visibility of the design to be painted. Moreover, painters should have the proper designing and painting tools to complete the project accurately and precisely.  

Decorative painting can be considered a complex application, and painters can charge a premium starting from USD$150 per square foot. Commercial painting prices depend on the skill level of the painter or artist you'll hire, which is why it's essential to consider this factor before hiring one.  

Minor masonry repair

Establishments with masonry may require repair before painting to ensure that the surface is even and free of damage or cracks. Doing so gives the structure added protection against excessive moisture or water damage, which can cause it to weaken or deteriorate.

Many painting contractors provide minor masonry repair services as part of their prep work. While there are specialists in brickwork who can perform these tasks, some painters include minor repairs in their coverage to offer customers more services. It's also more convenient for property owners to delegate most, if not all, of the prep work to painters.  


Residential and commercial painting contractors can provide similar services, though the type of service you'll require depends on the scope of work. If you need painting services for a spacious area, you'll benefit from hiring commercial contractors, as they have the expertise and equipment necessary to complete the project.  

Meanwhile, choosing residential services may be more economical if you have a small-scale project, which a few workers with essential tools can efficiently complete. This way, you can better control the expenses your project will entail.

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