Exterior Painting Process

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Watch our EXTERIOR painting process

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1. Request our Free Estimate

We help clients start a painting project with a six-step process. First, we will meet with you to discuss the scope of work and budget. Next, we provide an estimate with a detailed range of work and a quote for your approval.

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2. Select Color Consultation

Next, we'll work with Sherwin-Williams designers to choose the best colors for your project. After we pick our favorites, one of our project managers will schedule the date and time for preparations to begin. As a PRO+ customer, you'll get special pricing on paints and coatings at Sherwin-Williams stores.

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3. Detailed Preparation

We will begin by removing all of your home's dirt, grease, and mildew to ensure a proper bond with the new paint. If needed, we will use 30 Seconds Mold & Mildew Remover. This outdoor cleaner is safe around plants and pets. All previously caulked gaps that have split or cracked will be re-caulked to seal from moisture and drafts. All loose and peeling paint will be scraped to ensure a firm base for the new paint. Ridges on the paint surface caused by differences in paint thickness will be sanded down to knock down the ridges.

All needed areas will be spot-primed before painting. Everything that will not be painted is protected from overspray or paint drips. The project site will be cleaned up daily after each work day and cleaned up in full upon project completion.

4. Begin Painting Your Project

After our team of painters finishes site preparation, we apply two coats of high-quality paint to match the samples you provided us.

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5. Detail Cleaning

We strive to leave your property spotless—with no trace of our having been there. We will be removing any large paint chips from around the project for a clean look.

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6. Finish Details and Warranty

When our inspection team comes to the site to inspect the entire job, we will get final approval from you before leaving your home. Without this stage, our job is incomplete. We take it seriously, so we will make any touch-ups needed and complete your project by delivering you our painters warranty.


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