The Dos And Don'ts Of Hiring A Painting Contractor

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One of the popular ways to improve your commercial space is through repainting. After all, it’s the quickest way to update a building without undergoing intensive renovation or reconstruction.

Before you start choosing new colors for your walls, you first need to hire a painting contractor. However, finding one may not be easy. With many local commercial painting contractors offering the same service, there’s a chance that you might hire someone who is insufficiently qualified.

Thankfully, you can avoid making this mistake if you know the dos and don’ts of hiring a painting contractor.  

Do These When Hiring Commercial Painting Contractors  

Do hire a commercial painting company  

When hiring someone for a painting job, it’s recommended that you hire a commercial painting company. Most painting companies care about their reputation, especially with the tight competition in the painting industry. Thus, you can be sure that they’ll work harder and provide you with the best group of commercial painters.  

You may ask for their professional painters' business cards to have records of their contact details and company website. Then you can check their site for more information about their company’s values, the types of commercial painting services they offer, and the feedback from their clients.  

Do ask for an estimate  

To get a clear picture of how much the painting project will cost you, ask them for the estimated pricing of the painting service you wish to utilize. At the same time, you can also compare prices between different painting companies and determine which one fits your budget best.

You may wonder, “How much should it cost for commercial painting per square foot?” As per a resource, the average price ranges between USD$3 to USD$4 per square foot. However, the rate can still differ depending on the company you hire.  

Others may bill clients for their services by the hour instead of per square foot. These painting contractors may charge USD$21.92 per hour. It would be ideal if the pricing was within your budget. But if it’s over your target price, you may need to keep looking.

Do research more about their previous experience and projects

Another thing to consider when hiring a painting contractor or a painting company is their past projects and experience. Their experience can say a lot about the quality of their service. So, do more research and request a portfolio of commercial buildings they've previously painted. You can also ask for some before and after pictures of the recent commercial painting projects they’ve accomplished.  

Do check client reviews  

Most importantly, do check the painting company’s client reviews. The reviews and feedback may demonstrate the efficiency of their painters, the quality of their customer service, and the success of their painting projects.

Check out their website and search online for honest and unbiased evaluations about them. Don’t rely solely on the reviews displayed on their company site, as some may have been written for marketing purposes.  

Don't Do These When Hiring Commercial Painting Contractors

Don’t hire inexperienced painters

Inexperienced painters would frequently claim to be skilled and offer their services at a reduced rate. Regardless of how appealing their offer appears, you should not hire them. Often, these painters are individuals who offer painting services for extra money or students who want to take on painting projects for the summer.  

To help you verify whether these painters are from a painting company or not, you may ask them to present their certificates, licenses, or company IDs. Otherwise, you should decline their offer and hire a trustworthy painting contractor instead.

Don’t settle on a painting company that has no client reviews or referrals

As mentioned earlier, client reviews can be used to assess a painting company’s credibility and reputation. There are two conceivable explanations for why a business lacks any client reviews or referrals. It’s either because they’re a startup business or they are inexperienced commercial painters who haven’t received favorable feedback and recommendations from past customers.

Therefore, it’s preferable to choose a painting contractor with a variety of client ratings or reviews that span several years, because this attests to their professionalism and dependability.

Don’t always go for the lowest quotation

When comparing prices through the estimates provided by several painting companies, don’t always choose the lowest quotation. Painting companies offering low prices are often the most inexperienced. They may be working with subpar and poor-quality materials, which could affect the final painting outcome.

Furthermore, hiring such companies may result in costly complications down the road. So, to be safe, opt for a painting contractor that offers a reasonable price without compromising the quality of work and materials used.  

Don’t pay in full until the job is done

Be careful with hiring painting contractors who ask for full payment upfront before starting or completing the painting job. Generally, a reputable painting contractor will only ask for one-third of the quoted cost as a down payment. After you’ve paid the deposit, you shouldn’t pay anything else until they’ve completed the work.


Hiring painting contractors doesn’t have to be hard as long as you know what to look for and what to avoid. So, the next time you update the walls and paint of your commercial building, remember these tips to find the best staff for the job. With reputable painting contractors to help you, you can upgrade your home or commercial property and have an assurance that they can deliver high-quality results.

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