Best Paint Color Ideas For Small Homes

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Regardless of their house size, every homeowner would like to be proud of their home. It could mean they need to give it a new coat of paint. However, not all paint colors will bring out the property's best features equally, meaning small homeowners should choose their palette carefully.

According to House Grail, painting the exterior could cost between USD$2,000 and USD$7,000. Depending on the size and the intricacies of the façade, painters will quote for the amount of time they will spend painting and the various materials they will use. It thus places more importance on deciding on the correct color combination.

Finding the best house paint ideas that will perfectly fit any small home could be challenging, but for this reason, here is a list of the best paint color ideas to consider:

Different shades of grey

It is no secret that lighter colors will make a smaller home seem more significant than it is. Along with this, neutral and earthy tones have a similar function. Bright colors could also have the same effect, as is the case with grey. So much so that this color was featured twice on the list of 7 exterior paint colors that will boost the home's curb appeal, as featured in Better Homes & Gardens.

Grey homes could seem authoritative, yet the clean lines and muted color could simultaneously make them seem fresh and updated. And this is applicable whether on the inside or outside of your home.

The lighter side of yellow

A house with light yellow walls, cream or white trimmings, and a blue door could stir up all kinds of happy feelings for those looking at it. Not only will the colors incite a lovely warm feeling, but they can also make the home seem homier and larger. Furthermore, these colors could remind everyone passing by of a ranch, especially when paired with other rustic features like natural wooden elements.

Imagining a ranch with free-range cattle or horses could be precisely what these lighter yellow homes will inspire onlookers to do.

Hazel green or earthy sage

For those longing for a cottage in the woods, these colors will transport you there instantly. The connection with nature is undeniable. With it being one of the popular design trends for 2022, as per Houzz, homeowners can't go wrong with having light green interior walls, brown or natural wooden doors, and dark green trim, including the shutters.

Fairies, hobbits, and other forest creatures come to mind when thinking of the different hues of green, so it could be the perfect choice for those wanting to live their fairytale.

Not too far from off-white

Although some would prefer to walk off the beaten track, white and all its associated hues seem to remain a firm favorite among homeowners. It may be especially true for those with smaller homes wanting to give it a more regal look that demands respect. With most of the house painted a shade of white, a pop of color, like a red door or grey shutters, may break the starkness of it all.

White doesn't have to be stark and clinical, and with so many different off-white shades, smaller homeowners are bound to find one that will suit their house's look.

The summertime blues

Some want a cottage in the woods, but others would much rather have a home next to the ocean. Even if the house isn't situated directly next to a body of water, painting it with combinations of light blue and white could give it the summer vibes needed to chase away the feelings of being blue. Moreover, according to Martha Steward, blue is calming and soothing and could be a mood-boosting paint color.

Instead of feeling blue, choose to paint blue and bring some relaxing beach atmosphere into the home's space with a few strokes of a paintbrush.

Burning, bright, farmhouse red

A brilliant 2 story house paint idea includes a barn red color. Not quite firetruck red, not wholly maroon; this color is somewhere in between. Now, pair it with white or off-white trims, window frames, and doors, and you have the making of a beautiful old farmhouse barn. Dark colors will make the tiny house look smaller, but bright colors like these will have the opposite effect.

Farmhouses could bring about a lot of nostalgia for the homeowners and thus spur them to paint their own homes with a piece of this reminiscence.

Final words

Living in a small home shouldn't deter homeowners from having fun with the latest design trends in exterior house paint colors. Appreciating the new vibe it brings to your life may be extremely enjoyable, so contact the closest paint center to view these colors for yourself. You never know; one of them could tell you the story you want to hear about your tiny house.

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