10 Best Color Combinations For Your Home's Exterior

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Painting a home could give it a brand-new look or change the aesthetic entirely. Depending on the personalities of the residents living in the house, the surroundings, and how daring they choose to be with their color combinations, they could have their home looking stunning in no time.

According to House Grail, painting the home in fresh, natural colors could improve its curb appeal, whether the owners want to sell it or not. Additionally, these colors make the home feel more spacious and open.

Fortunately, there are many different house color combinations to choose from as below that’ll suit every family's home:

Olive green and burgundy

Keeping it natural, especially in an area surrounded by nature, could be the best way to showcase a home while respecting the landscape. Therefore, green is an obvious choice for these homes, but those wanting an extra pop of color can add burgundy, cranberry, or maroon as an accent for doors, window frames, or porch railings.

Blue, grey, and white

Sailing away on a cloud is how these colors make one feel. Homes next to the ocean or other bodies of water will often adopt the three-color exterior paint combinations to make their home fit with the nautical aesthetic. Furthermore, according to Family Handyman, homeowners can finish the paint preparation in 10 simple steps for a flawless finish.

Dark charcoal or black

Modern homeowners with sharp, clean lines and perfectly polished exteriors can enhance these features by painting the exterior mostly charcoal grey or black. Although the paint colors will enforce respect to the beholder, the opposite could be true when these colors start to peel. It’d thus mean that these color combinations are relatively high maintenance that the homeowners should be ready for from the start.

Cream, taupe, and beige

Another natural house paint combination, these colors work well together to create the feel of coffee and cream. Furthermore, many people enjoy this exterior color combination, making it easier for others to appreciate the mood it creates, which is good news for sellers and buyers alike, according to This Old House.

Stark, classic, white

White may seem clinical and cold, but it’ll give it a bright, classic look for the right house. Moreover, white is one of the most affordable paint colors around, so touching up a few problem areas shouldn't be a problem in the long run. Combining this color with natural wooden elements like door or window frames or a beautifully varnished patio could take it to the next level.

Grey, white, and a pop of orange

A more modern approach to exterior home paint combinations will include neutral colors like grey or white that instantly inject orange as an accent color. Some will paint the walls with neutrals and the doors, frames, or trimmings in the accent color, while others prefer to add one accent wall among the neutrals.

Shades of white, red, and brown

Even if this combination isn't the first that comes to mind, the colors blend well. Red is a powerful color that could leave the person admiring the home feeling like a superhero; whereas, white brings some calm into the mix. In contrast to those colors, brown could tie everything back to the earth and the surroundings.

Mustard, grey, and white

One could describe the mustard color as a dirty yellow as it seems to have elements of green or light brown that seep through the prominent yellow pigment. Usually, yellow is associated with a sunny disposition, so having it as the primary paint color and the grey and white accents may make the whole neighborhood smile.

Purple, lavender, and white

Combining these colors could give the house a country cottage look, especially when paired with lavender plants growing in the garden to accentuate the colors further. It may not be the most favored combination that everyone will admire, but it’ll grant the home a certain undeniable charm.

Black, white, and turquoise

Unusual exterior house paint combinations have gained traction with many modern homeowners, and one of these bold choices is black, white, and turquoise. According to a Better Homes & Gardens article, there are 9 ways to style turquoise. It could thus draw the palette from the outside to the inside as a continuation of the theme.

The final stroke

Deciding on the right hues for the home's exterior could take some time to consider before making the final choice. With many fashionable color combinations, it comes down to the homeowners' personal preferences, the home's location, and the family's openness to try the various blends. One thing is sure, painting a home is a considerable expense that comes with a long-term commitment, so choose the best color combination for your home wisely.

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