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Seattle, WA, Houseboat Exterior Painting Transformation

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Our latest project was nothing short of an adventure as we took on the task of rejuvenating a houseboat in Seattle, WA. The "before" picture showed a fading exterior that was in desperate need of a fresh, new look. The challenge? Transforming the boat from its dark exterior to a lighter, more inviting paint. With dedication and expertise, we set out to breathe life into this unique residence on water. The fading paint was meticulously prepped, and a palette of lighter hues was selected to brighten up the houseboat. The end result? A stunning transformation that not only revived the exterior but also gave the houseboat a fresh and welcoming appearance. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-quality residential exterior painting services and our ability to tackle even the most distinctive and rewarding challenges.



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