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Deep Green Beauty: Captivating Bellevue, WA Exterior Paint Project

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Our recent project in Bellevue, WA, involved refreshing a well-loved home. The homeowners' primary goal was a vibrant yet traditional look. To achieve this, we executed a whole-house exterior painting. The exterior now boasts a cool, deep green (SW 6215 Rocky River) on the siding and garage doors, complemented by pristine white trims and gutters. A meticulous process, including thorough preparation, ensured a perfect finish. The transformation is remarkable. This project wasn't just about applying paint; it was a rebirth. The house stands as a welcoming and charming haven in Bellevue, offering vibrancy and charm. The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome, and we were delighted to have played a role in rejuvenating their beloved home.



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